CCS LABS will provide all the tools you need to keep your kids safe from online crime. With our tools you can do that simply and quickly!
We will provide extensive training to schools, colleges and universities; for both the students and faculty.
We will also provide training to defence lawyers - vicitms of computer crime do not always find themselves on the side of the prosecution.
Finally, we will test and accredit digital forensic tools to ensure that only those tools which function correctly are ever used in a legal setting.

Latest News

Today we will be connecting for the first time the Raptor Web Walker&trade to the RaptorTCP&trade API. This beings the final stages of the first release candidate of Raptor Web Walker™ which will soon be used by the community to catalogue millions of images online so that when child abuse images are located they can be removedat the source immediately rather than having to spend months trying to manually locate them! This is a majorstep forward in the protection of children from child abuse online.

Added the Draft Constitution for public review. Currently only as a pdf but the review page will be created soon.

Almost completed the RaptorTCP API. Should be finished tomorrow.

We have finished designing the Raptor Database™, which in truth is 14 heavily linked tables within our Damocles Database™. The rest of today and probably into the middle of the week we will be focusing on RaptorTCP; which is the Raptor Web Walker API, and of course the Raptor Walker itself. We do not forsee the API being made public at this time.

We have calculated that in the first year alone we will need around 150TB of storage! That is around $20,000 of NAS storage and a considerably lot more if we use the cloud!
As a result we have asked QNAP a leading provider in NAS equipment to support us.

Sponsor Benefits

Honestly, there are so many benefits to sponsoring us that we can't list them all; but here is a few:

For individuals

  1. You will directly save people's lives!
  2. You will directly protect people from sexual abuse!
  3. You will show the world that you care!
  4. You are protecting your family and loved ones!
  5. You can sponsor us as little or as much as you like!

For Business

  1. All the benefits that are for individuals, plus
  2. You will be recognised by your customers as a company that cares!
  3. You will invest in protecting those who buy your products!
  4. You will prove to everyone that your company is not just about profits!

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