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Unlike anyone else, the Computer Crime Service does not recognize international borders; we are not restrained by red-tape and unreasonable delays because of bureaucracy. As a result we are effective in stopping child sexual abuse and exploitation. We crawl the internet and categorize every page, every image, and video, every audio and word, every file that can be downloaded into three types. Type "A" are files that are allowed to be viewed by anyone. Type "R" these are files that are restricted in nature; usually to those above a certain age group, but other restrictions can apply. Type "C" are criminal in nature. The three types are rated according to jurisdiction so a file rated as "R" in one location may be rated as "C" in another.

Our database is available to all ISPs, Hosts, Law Enforcement Agencies and Digital Forensic Laboratories worldwide. Discovered child abuse images are reported to the relevant jurisdiction's law enforcement agency with all urgency. We continue to investigate both the perpetrator(s) and victim(s) until the perpetrator is caught and the victim(s) are protected.

The Computer Crime Service Laboratories

The Computer Crime Service (CCS-LABS) is dedicated to protecting internet users from becoming victims of computer crime. 

We are currently working on a number of services which will provide an unprecedented opportunity for us to protect children from becoming victims of child sexual exploitation online and preventing those who are currently sexually abusing children from continuing to do so.

Our Raptor program is unlike anything that has ever been put into operation before. With the possibility of millions of internet users joining together to end online child abuse without having to do much more than run a single program on their computer! Or, if you prefer, you can become far more involved from identifying victims, and perpetrators to determining if a file is legal or not in your jurisdiction.

For the first time ever, the internet users will have the power to police the internet properly. Where other's have failed to close down particular sites that produce or supply child pornography we, as a community can close them down almost instantly; preventing them from corrupting the innocent; and costing those who run these sites a great deal of time, effort and money.

We many never have a perfectly innocent internet, free of all crime, but we can certainly make the internet far safer for all; all it takes is a belief that your little bit of effort is worth it to save a child's life. If you want to save a child from sexual abuse, rape and even murder then just sign up to save a child and when we have completed the software we will let you know. If you can afford to sponsor us then please do - the more help we get the quicker we can start saving our children from the most hideous of human crimes.

NEW DETAILS: Barnesville, OH Woman Accused of Raping Baby

20.05.2015 03:02 by www.wtrf.com via None ()

Peggy Horstman, 27 of Barnesville, is facing felony charges in the alleged rape of a one-year-old child. Horstman has been charged with rape and gross sexual imposition. She was arrested as part of a joint investigation by the Barnesville Police Department, Belmont County Sheriff's Department and Belmont County Children's Services.


South Wales Police fined £160,000 for losing 'graphic and disturbing' evidence of child sexual abuse

18.05.2015 21:51 by www.walesonline.co.uk via None ()

South Wales Police have been fined £160,000 for losing a evidence in a sexual abuse case. The Information Commissioner’s Office issued the force with the fine for losing a video recording of interviews with a child who had been sexually abused. Despite the discs containing the child’s graphic and disturbing account of sexual abuse they were un-encrypted and left in a desk drawer.


Vulnerable schoolgirl 'raped by at least 60 men after being preyed upon by Asian grooming gang'

18.05.2015 18:47 by www.mirror.co.uk via None ()

A schoolgirl was raped by at least 60 men by members of a horrific paedophile grooming gang - a court has heard. A jury at the Old Bailey was told the girl were subjected to "horrific sexual assault on a massive scale" by A schoolgirl was raped by at least 60 men by members of a horrific paedophile grooming gang - a court has heard. A jury at the Old Bailey was told the girl were subjected to "horrific sexual assault on a massive scale" by a child sex gang in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. A close friend was also allegedly raped by two of the gang. 


Ex-tennis star Bob Hewitt jailed in South Africa for child rape

18.05.2015 18:44 by www.theaustralian.com.au via None ()

Australian-born former tennis Grand Slam champion Bob Hewitt has been sentenced to six years in jail in South Africa for raping and assaulting young girls he coached in the 1980s and 90s.


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